Emily Musgrove Art x Picklish

Emily Musgrove Art x Picklish

Emily Musgrove is a muralist, cyclist, philanthropist and artist! Her art is displayed across countless sketchbooks, canvases, walls, buildings and people. 

As a San Diego native, Landen has known Emily since childhood and Jenna met her in college on the central coast. She’s a true Picklish Pal.🥒

Emily Musgrove Drawing Picklish PickleballWhen we started Picklish, I knew we had to partner with Emily to create something special. Her single line art pieces have always been some of my favorites. Not that I’m biased but the Picklish Pals are just the cutest, classiest, and unique prints that are the best addition to your home, a great conversation piece, and the perfect gift for your Picklish Pal. 

Emily’s art is displayed across our own home and we dream of the day we can commission her to mural all over the walls of a future Picklish Pickleball HQ! 😉

Check out more of her work at emilymusgroveart.com or on instagram at @emilymusgroveart

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