Picklish Pickleball Courts We're Crushing On Pt 1

Picklish Pickleball Courts We're Crushing On Pt 1

From Airbnbs to hotels, here are some pickleball courts on our bucket list this year. What are you adding to your list?

Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona

For sure booking a stay here... I mean imagine playing beneath those red rocks. Is this real? 

Giggster Rental in Los Angeles, California

A modern Bel Air home with a stunning view and a Pickleball court?! Look at that court side fire pit. Sign us up. 
Airbnb in Palm Springs, California

The Hendrix Estate in Palm Springs, California

Please, if you click on nothing else, view the photos of this listing. Pre-pickleball sand volleyball? Bocce ball between games? Post game swim? How about some mini golf? Cook in the gourmet kitchen? This would be the ultimate friends trip. 

Airbnb in Paso Robles, California

 Some post wine tasting pickleball? This looks like the perfect weekend getaway in one of our favorite towns in the world!

VRBO in Temecula, California

Last but not least, another perfect weekend getaway in Temecula, California in Southern California.
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