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Picklish Swirls Paddle

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  • Look good, play good - We believe design alone can inspire people to get outside and play with community. Which is why we focused on creating a performant paddle without compromising on style.
  • FREE BONUS - Easily travel with your Picklish Pickleball paddle and gear with the stylish Picklish canvas tote bag.
  • Surface - The strong, durable, and rough fiberglass surface gives you unmatched control, empowering you to not only spin the ball but also defuse your opponents spin effortlessly and accurately.
  • Core - Polymer honeycomb core to deliver quiet shots with impressive level of control
  • Grip - comfortable and sweat-proof grip enables you to play for hours on end and helps you avoid that mid-court crisis
  • Shape and Edge-guard - Our classic paddle shape and low profile edge-guard, maximizes your sweet spot area to ensure you will never miss a shot
  • Weight - 8 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Looks Good and Plays Great!

We loved how they looked as soon we saw them and hoped they would play even greater ... and they do! They fit and flex great in the hand, light and agile. It was money well spent! You'll be glad you got them.

Great brand!

I like pickleball and my new picklish paddle is great